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You may pick whatever combination of virtual labs and interactive chapters you like for your class. Subscriptions must be purchased by or for each student enrolled in courses using our labs. Subscriptions are per student.


Chapter/Lab Subscription Fees

SimBio Interactive Chapters, Tutorials, and Virtual Labs with Autograding

Modules are downloaded through the SimUText System and include instructor access to the autograding and assessment features of the SimUText Instructor Portal.
SimUText Interactive Chapters $9.00/module
SimBio Virtual Labs and Interactive Tutorials $5.00/module
SimBio Custom 15 (up to a combined total of 15 chapters/labs/tutorials) $89.00

SimBio Virtual Labs Self Print Option

Labs are installed on university computers (only) with permission to print one workbook per subscription.
SimBio Virtual Labs $3.00/lab

Lab Packs

Includes a package of printed workbooks and CD that allows students to install software on personal computers.
Include Lab Packs $13.50/student

See the examples at the right for sample scenarios.

Need more options?

We are very flexible with our ordering options. If you have special requirements, please contact us and we'll build a solution that works for you.

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Use our package creator to customize a collection of labs and chapters, or choose from one of our popular collections.

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Place your order

Once you have assembled your collection of labs and/or chapters, you can submit your request online using our package creator or contact us directly. Student subscriptions can be obtained by:

  • departmental purchase orders
  • or
  • direct purchase by students via
    • the SimUText System*
    • online webstores
    • custom packets sold at bookstores
    • lab manuals/course packs
    • distribution by outside publishers

*Available only for SimUText interactive chapters and SimBio Virtual Labs with autograding

Sign the agreement

For any classes using our labs, we do require a signed College Subscription Agreement Form [PDF] to be filled out. This basically states that you don’t intend to distribute the software for free, which would put us out of business and then we would no longer be able to make cool stuff for you to use in your classes. But you wouldn’t do that, right?

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Sample Packages

2 SimUText Ecology Chapters and 1 SimBio Virtual Lab with Autograding purchased and downloaded through the SimUText system. Instructors monitor student activitiy via the SimUText instructor portal.

Chapter Subscriptions$9/chapter
Lab Subscriptions$5/lab
Package total$23.00/student

3 SimBio Virtual Labs as Self Print Option. Labs are installed on university computers (only) and includes permission to print one copy of the accompanying workbook. (Frequently used if department is purchasing subscriptions on behalf of its students).

Lab Subscriptions $3.00/lab
Package total $9.00/student

3 SimBio Virtual Labs with Lab Packs. Students purchase a package from a university bookstore which includes installation media, permission to install software on personal computers and copies of lab workbooks.

Lab Subscriptions $3.00/lab
Add Lab Packs $13.50
Package total* $22.50/student

*Bookstore may markup package cost