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Sound Science: Simulating at Blind Youth Slam

One problem with biology labs in general, including our own virtual labs, is that students who can't see are excluded from using them. That's a shame, and something we've wanted to find a way around for a long time. That's how I found myself in Baltimore

Labs, labs, glorious biology labs

Last week I wrote about the new interactive chapters and SimUText features coming for this fall. We haven't neglected our labs this year either.

Coming In SimUText This Fall

We have a lot of new chapters, labs, and program features in the works for fall 2011, and I'm excited to share them with you after another year of hard work by everyone at SimBio. Since there is so much new, I am going to split it into two blog posts.

College for all? What's the point?

A bachelors, masters, or PhD is viewed as a ticket towards a satisfying and stable career and becoming a well-rounded citizen. Certainly college graduates make a lot more money than those without that degree. Yet an increasing number of articles and blogs are starting to question whether "College for all" and "You should go to graduate school" are really good mottos for our society.

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