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Learning to use ecological models

Last week we announced Patchy Prairies, our latest SimBio Virtual Lab. Those of you who used our Corridors, Stepping Stones, and Butterflies lab in EcoBeaker will recognize the storyline in Patchy Prairies - you have money to restore habitat for an endangered

Education and equity - which goal comes first?

A tiny northern European country half above the arctic circle has become the latest fad in the what-should-we-do-to-fix-American-schools conversation. The country of Finland achieved this status by consistently scoring as one of the top countries

Fun evolution stories

One of the joys of going to meetings is browsing new science books in the exhibit hall. At the ESA meeting earlier this month, one book I found was In The Light of Evolution, which I ended up reading the whole way home and am still picking up many nights.

New Respect for Opossums

Jon HerronDriving home just now through my neighborhood, I encountered an opossum crossing the road. I try not to think or speak ill of any creature (except maybe some pathogens I've known only too well), but it's hard to avoid the impression that opossums are ugly, stupid, and slow.

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